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Kids or Adult Classes

They Never Expire and You can use them
for ANY class on the schedule

5 classes for $75 


RKB Membership

No Contract - No Enrollment Fee 

You have access to ALL 

classes on the schedule!  


$99 per month 

This is an incredible price! 

*you will be billed monthly until you cancel your membership.
** no refunds ** You have full control of your membership.


Kids Membership

No Contract - No Enrollment Fee

$60 per month
Unlimited Classes
(save $10 a month - online special only) 


Self Defense, Kickboxing, Boxing, Fitness, Stranger Danger,
Beat the Bully Techniques!

GIve your Kids a Fighting Chance! 


This will Build their Confidence & Self Esteem and give you the peace of mind that your Child can Protect themself! 



5 Personal Training Sessions 


You tell us what you want to focus on and that is what we will do for your PT Sessions.

5 Personal Training Sessions for $225

45 minute sessions booked to fit your schedule. Buy today and we will call you to set it up or call us 401-996-5425. 

This is good for those in the same household immediate family members. 
If you have a question call us. This is an unlimited class membership for ALL of YOU! You can NOT beat this price for
expert Training! 

Normal rate is $185 per month
this is an online special

Only $130 per month
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Personal Training

All training sessions are 45 minute workouts with 15 minutes to prepare/warm up. Allow yourself 15 minutes to cool down after the workout. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy and you are responsible for payment if you cancel without that notice.

All trainers have been officially certified by Professional Trainer, Christina Rondeau. Our trainers offer the best training in kickboxing, boxing, weights, core training, and more. 

Private Session with
Professional Trainer, Christina Rondeau
$80 per 60 minute session
10 session package: $780

Private Session-
One on one with a certified Rondeau’s Kickboxing Instructor
$55 per 45 minute session
5 session package: $250 -
This is our most popular option for Personal Training! 5 Personal Training sessions for $250.00

(45 minute workout/15min prep time) *no refunds


10 session package: $480

Semi-Private Session- $35 each per 45 minute session
Work out with a friend. Each of you will have a customized program as well as individualized treatment.
Small Group Session- $25 each per 45 minute session
Designed for 3-4 clients, you’ll experience the personal intensity of one on one sessions with the added benefit of group motivation.
Corporate and Team Building Classes-
$150 for up to 10 people; over 10 people is $15 per person
Designed for larger groups to have a good time building
a team while getting a good workout.

Get Fit Programs
Biggest Loser & Transform You

We can customize this for you but the Most Popular program is
3 months with 6 Personal Training sessions for $499





Whether it's a vacation, wedding, anniversary, high school reunion or just to "Get Fit!" These programs are 100% results guaranteed!

This is what is included in the program:

6 Personal Training Sessions - You will schedule, at your convenience, one on one sessions with a Personal Trainer. These training sessions will include cardiovascular training (to get your lungs strong and help you to build some endurance), weight training (to tone and strengthen), core training (to keep your abs and lower back strong and pain free). Motivation, functional exercises, stretching and anything specific that you would like to work on will all be included in your 30 minute training session.

Nutritional Consultation - During this consultation your body weight and body measurements will be calculated. These numbers are needed to create your meal plan and are used as a guide to track your progress on a weekly basis. We will talk about your goals, exercise history, eathing habits and any health concerns you may have. Your meal plan will be created and your appointments for your personal training sessions will be made.

Meal Plan (this is not a diet) - A meal plan calculates the calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat in your daily "food intake" and gives you a daily average created specifically for you. Your age, height and body weight are all considered when determing these numbers. It even factors in any health risks, concerns, special nutrition requests and your goal weight. You will actually tell the nutritional consultant what you want to eat. This plan has helped many people stay on track because it takes off real weight. It's not a crash diet, there is no special food to buy, this is an actual "plan" that works!

Weekly Weigh Ins - Each week we will keep track of your progress and weigh you in. Your body weight and body fat will be taken weekly. Body Measurements will be taken every 4 weeks. This will serve as a guide to see if any adjustments need to be made to your work outs or meal plan. The best way to see if you lose weight is just how you feel and how your clothing fits.

Unlimited Group Personal Training Classes - Group Personal Training classes are fun, motivating, energetic and exciting. This class includes cardio (using the treadmill, ellipticals and stationary bikes) and free weights. You go at your pace,we motivate you to what you can do! Burn lots of calories, strengthen and tone your muscles, learn the poper way to use free weights. Our instructors make sure you are safely lifting free weights and mix up the work out each time so it's always different. You won't be bored in this class!

As part of the "Get Fit" program you can come to Unlimited classes. (*no refunds)



​Unlimited Kickboxing Classes and more...

Fitnesss Kickboxing is our speciality. Anyone can take a fitness kickboxing class. You will learn the proper way to punch and kick while having fun, relieving stress and toning your muscles. We use pads, gloves, heavy bags and lots of other equipment that add to the excitement and fun of the class. We can modify anything, so don't let any ailments or injuries stop you from trying a class. From age 4 - 84 people of all ages, sizes and shapes have participated in Rondeau's Kickboxings Fitness classes! As part of the "Get Fit" program you have access to unlimited fitness kickboxing, weight training and bag classes.

Please contact us today to schedule your Consultation and let us help you Get Fit !!

Call (401) 996-5425 and talk to Christina today!

3 Month- $499.00
6 personal training sessions, 3 month VIP membership with unlimited classes, nutrition coaching, body measurements, weekly weight-ins, and support.