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Fight like a Dad wants to help all  men in need of a little extra help during a tough time. 

Fight Like a Dads mission is to help support those fighting cancer, illness, disease and
life changing accidents. We help all males regardless if they are boys or dads.

We also honor those that have lost the fight. 

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Fight Like A Dad & Dad Strong was created by Christina Rondeau for her father Leo Rondeau. Leo was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer and was put through a whirlwind of medical treatments and hit with many unexpected medical expenses. Leo was always a hard worker, a retired policeman who also worked other jobs to give his family a nice life. Many people refer to Leo as a man of integrity and respect. This cause was created to help Leo and others defray some of their costs from unexpected medical expenses. Every little bit helps and all we aim to do is make a little difference in someone's life during a tough time. 

Our Special Logo - The design of the logo is very special. The logo represents the badge that Leo wore as a Woonsocket Policeman and it honors the father of Arlene with a horse shoe and the father of Robin with ocean waves. These two wonderful women have lost their dads to cancer adn the logo honors their memories
as a part of this very special campaign.


We hope that you will see they symbol as a way to honor all of those that are fighting and those that have lost the fight. 

Families can submit an application for 

a Dad (any male) to be considered as our next 
recipient. Please click here for the application. 

After filling it out please email it to

How You can HELP Fight Like A Dad? 
We hold various Fundraisers throughout the year. You can participate or volunteer for any event you see listed. 

You can also Donate to the cause. We set up a button for those to donate below and 100% of donations go towards the next person nominated for Fight Like a Dad cause. 

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