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Fight Back Kids

Realistic Tips for Kids 


My name is Christina and this is my very pasionate and personal campaign to give ALL kids a fighting chance and stop kids from being victims of sexual predators and child abductors.


In my 28 years of teaching self-defense and working with children I have found that so many parents do not talk to their children about specific “stranger danger” tips. I have compiled the most important tips a parent should go over with their children into a beautifully designed “Kid Tip Card’ this card is easy to read and offers quick tips for parents to go over with their children but it is also kid friendly and children can understand and read it on their own as well.


My goal is to have these “Kid Tip Cards” reach the hands of every child in the USA. Knowledge is Power and giving kids the power to know these tips could save their life one day.

We can mail you these “Kid Tip Cards” to distribute to each child. We ask that when handed out a teacher can easily read the tips with the children and tell them to talk to their parents about it and keep it up somewhere to review often.


The more parents use this “Kid Tip Card” as a tool to talk about stranger danger and the different topics on it then they are continuing to give their children a Fighting Chance.


Thank you so much for being a part of this Great campaign and taking one more step to Help “GIVE KIDS A FIGHTING CHANCE!”


Christina Rondeau Founder



Click the images of the Tip Cards to Print them out for you to go over
with your kids! 

Since my own children were little I have reviewed tips with them over and over. My son Cotey Rock has really taken to talking to children and helping me as we do talks at schools and pass out the tip cards.


Cotey is featured in some quick tip videos. Cotey went to NYC with us to hold up the Fight Back Kids banner on the Today Show in the crowd and passed out cards in NYC! We want to make the world a safer place for kids and we need to educate the kids on how to be safe from predators so they can have a fighting chance! 

Kohls honored Cotey recently and awarded him with a local Kohls scholarship for helping out his community! Good Job Cotey! Share some of these video clips with your children! 

You can help us by getting these tip cards into your child's school!
We need your help to get these cards into the hands of children and parents so they can go over them together! We are looking for BIg Sponsors that can buy large quantities of these cards and pass out at their events too. Anything you can do will help and together we can GIVE KIDS A FIGHTING CHANCE! 
Email us at or call 401-996-5425 




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