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Meet Our

Master Trainer & Founder Christina

The gallery below is 30 years of trainers that have been trained and certified through Christina Rondeau's Kickboxing Corporation. I have been blessed and very grateful for all the time these individuals spent at RKB through my years. I met many amazing humans and watched them as they grown from child to adult, adults that had several children, marriages, divorces, left for the millitary or made it on the state police, fire, or sheriffs office, graduated college, landed their dram job and more!  Thank you , Thank you, thank you for all the time spent at RKB and the difference you made changing and helping others as you taught classes at RKB ! 

I love seeing them do well in life and truly appreciate them all ! - Christina 

ALL Rondeau’s Kickboxing® INSTRUCTOR/TRAINERS need to be licensed and certified by Christina Rondeau Kickboxing Corporation.

This message is from the Rondeau’s Kickboxing®  Legal Compliance Department. Christina Rondeau Kickboxing Corporation.  Rondeau’s  Kickboxing is the largest provider of fitness kickboxing®, fitness mma®, push-it® programs and related products.  Rondeau’s Kickboxing  offers its programs under the famous family of RONDEAU’S KICKBOXING®, RKB”CITY NAME®”,  trademarks and logos, which are  registered around the world. We are committed to protecting our RKB® members and  helping facilities where they work, or can work, to  participate in a lifestyle of Fitness Kickboxing that is associated with  consumer participation in regular Rondeau’s Kickboxing® classes. This sometimes requires us to protect our instructors by  alerting others about potential misuse of our trademarks and copyrights. If you know of any misuse of this brand or an Instructor/Trainer that is not listed below and teaching at any RKB Facility or using the name elsewhere please contact are legal department. All reports are confidential and remain anonymous.

Contact us at - subject: Legal  Department.

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