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If you are a trainer, athlete, coach or fitness enthusiast you will love our Real Training Drills! No one has time to sit and watch an hour long DVD to get new workout ideas. Seminars and Certifications are costly and usually repetitive. If you are already a trainer then you NEED to stay motivated and keep your clients from being bored and if you work out on your own at a gym or at home you need to make sure you are working out properly and keeping yourself motivated. Don't be bored with the same exercises and routine! You want action ! New Drills, New Exercises, Quick Tips !

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Read what this member had to say.

I worked out with Christina at her gym for years. I loved her workouts because of the variety, intensity, and results! After her Mother and Baby Kickboxing class, I lost all the weight I had gained during my pregnancy, and got my body back! When my kids’ schedules got busier than my own, I found it hard to get to the gym, and really missed working out with Christina. I was so excited when she launched Real Training Drills. It is just like having Christina and her team of trainers come to my house for a private workout!

These videos allow me to get the same RKB fitness workout on my own schedule and from the comforts of home. This site has tons of videos that show you how to do each exercise properly. They are the same great drills we did at the gym, and now I can create my own combinations of exercises and change it up as often as I want. I love this site! Thanks, Christina!”
- Michelle Girasole, No. Providence, RI

10 Minute Killer Leg Workout with Christina and Dawn

Christina Rondeau on the Maury Povich show

Christina Rondeau on Chuck Norris's

World Combat League Team New England

Christina demonstrating Technique in the Ring

Sand Dunes Workout

Christina on Ch.10's Rhody Bytes with Doreen Collins

Rondeau's Pay Per View Fight Clips

5 minute Arm Workout

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