Learn How to use Your Natural Weapons

In the 24 years that I have been teaching self-defense, fitness kickboxing and boxing the most important thing that I want each of my members to walk away with is just one skill that could help them protect themselves. Our bodies are weapons and if we learn how to use each weapon properly everyone could become a deadly fighting machine.

I train all sorts of students that are different ages, shapes and sizes. The first thing I tell every student is that size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, if you learn how to throw punches or kicks properly you will soon find out it all has to do with technique and weight distribution.

A perfect example of this came about when one of my students, Wavel Gibbs was going to fight a girl named Jenna. Wavel is a 135 lb woman with an average muscle tone and Jenna is a 135 lb woman with a body builder’s physique. Jenna’s biceps alone made everyone bet against Wavel and I just kept telling Wavel not to be intimidated by her looks. The fight began and immediately you could tell who was going to win. Wavel’s technique was knocking Jenna down, blow after blow. Jenna’s big, cut muscles looked good but she couldn’t fight at all.

When I talk about using your body as a weapon I am not just talking about learning to fight like a Kickboxer or boxer. Simple skills that I teach in my fitness kickboxing classes could someday save a students life.

As I say to my students, “We all have an imaginary storage box and we learn things through life that we store in that box. One day when we least expect it we may pull that information out of the box and actually use it.”