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Learn to Love Running and Run Safely

Some people think about running and they cringe. Some people think about running and they immediately think they cannot and will not ever be able to run. Some people make so many excuses to why they cannot run by the time they are done with the excuses they could have ran a 5K. Running does not have to be hated. You can really learn to run with this easy instructions. First let’s figure out why you are running and how to make it enjoyable for you. Are you trying to break a plateau and that brisk walk is not cutting it for you anymore? Do you need some time for yourself and meditating is not your thing? Running is a great way to meditate, think or just get your mind off of your to do list. Are you a first timer at running and want to get in shape? Whatever your reason may be let’s figure out if you need a running buddy to help motivate you and if you like listening to music, audio books, podcasts or the sounds of nature as you run. Try each one and see if something helps your run be more enjoyable. The next step is to run in the proper sneakers. I have seen some people run in sneakers meant for fashion not running and that is only going to give you a less loved experience when your feet are screaming at you the next day. You may want to go to a running store where they actually fit you and watch you walk in the sneakers finding you the best match for you. Think of it like match making with sneakers. Sneakers can be an investment but this is an investment in your feet and ultimately your health so don’t be to stingy when buying a good pair of running sneakers.

Be prepared when you go for your run by eating properly and hydrating before your run. I have trained thousands of people and every person is different with what they eat and how it makes them feel before a workout. Try eating at least 30 minutes before you run and make sure what you eat is healthy. A protein, fruit or vegetable is a great choice, even a protein drink would be fine. Six – 8 oz bottles of water a day is what you should be drinking normally so make sure you are hydrated the day before with your average in take of water. Have a bottle of water ready for yourself when you are done with your run too. Nothing is worse then finishing a run and being thirsty with no water available.

Let’s talk about your run now. Have a goal and be realistic for yourself. Let’s start with a half mile if you have never ran before. Plan out a half mile run by measuring it with your vehicle if you can. You can always use an app on your phone to measure your distance as well. Start slow! You are not in a race so start with a very slow running motion. Use your arms, don’t drag your feet and run heel to toe with nice long strides. Use a 3 count for your breathing. Count 1, 2, 3 and take a deep breath in and then blow that air out… then repeat… 1, 2, 3 (slow counting) take a deep breath in and then blow out… concentrate on controlled breathing. If you need to stop, I suggest slowing down verses stopping, try slowing yourself down first. If you need to stop then stop but put your arms up to catch your breath and breathe don’t hunch down over yourself that only closes your lungs and restricts air flow. Each time you run increase your distance by .25 and a nice goal is a good 3 mile run. I train most people to get to a 3 mile run at a comfortable pace for themselves.

Lastly please run safely. I mean personal safety. Don’t run with both earphones in or at the least blasted. You must be able to hear your surroundings if you are on the road. Run facing the traffic. Texting and driving is a huge concern and you need to see if a driver is coming at you so you have a chance to get out of the way verses being hit from behind. Keep your phone fully charged if you are running on the street so you can use it to call if there is an emergency , even if you are not running with it listening to anything keep it with you. You can always run with mace or small key chain sized Tazer as well. I have spoken to a few individuals that were attacked by dogs running and prefer to be safe then sorry so having some personal protection with you is a good idea.

Good Luck with your running routine and learn to love running and run safely!

Christina Rondeau

Fitness Guru, Author Professional Kickboxer, Boxer 5th Degree Black Belt Inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame –

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