How a Coach can affect a Child

As a Professional and a coach for 26 years now I can tell you how much of an affect we have on a person’s life, adult or children. When I certify my trainers I always say are you ready to save someone’s life? True words. With one motivational word, encouragement, letting them feel a part of a team and included them we can allow someone’s self-esteem to sore and empower them in ways we couldn't even imagine.

A bad coach can have the opposite affect and I want to share my frustration and experience with a horrible coach which broke my daughter’s self-esteem and sent her on a path I tried for years to help her avoid. No matter what I did I wasn't getting anywhere.

This High School soccer coach has over 10 years of complaints that have been reported to the prior Athletic Director regarding him, Coach Sprouls. The answer is always the same that he is a teacher and in the union and they have not looked elsewhere to hire a new coach. Parents were not informed of what else they could do and didn’t realize they could go to a school committee meeting to make sure he was not appointed. If they knew they would have had him out years ago. I put together with other parents that complained about him a list of reasons why this man should not be coaching our children.

  • He had his friend hold an illegal soccer camp during the summer were he had his friend tell the girls messages that they needed to put more effort in when at practice, etc. A coach is supposed to have nothing to do with a separate camp such as this. He also coached one of the camp days himself. A softball coach was suspended from games for doing that in the past.

  • From the first practice with the team he created an environment of no team spirit and a bullying. He separated the freshmen girls from all the other girls and does not facilitate or promote any team connection or spirit. He does no team building drills or anything else that promotes a TEAM.

  • He had the girls pay 20.00 each for used pennies for practices that were the schools property. After meeting with the AD on this he had to refund the money to the girls.

  • There were also fundraisers held where the coach did not fill out the proper paperwork to hold a fundraiser and there is no bookkeeping log of what was raised and for what it was raised for. There is an ongoing investigation into this by the superintendent but this is another policy he has broken.